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Ideas for the future

Add road bike rentals

-Purchase 2x50cm, 2x54cm, 1x56cm, 2x58cm total cost $5152
-Rental charge $60/day $100/weekend $150/week

Add mountain bike rentals

-Purchase 1x15", 2x18.5, 2x19.5 and 1x21 total cost $4800
-Rental charge $60/day $100/weekend $150/week

Add guided mountain/road bike rides

-1/2 day $50, full day$85 for every 2 riders

Reconfigure service area and storage space

-Build an enclosed deck off the back of the current storage room and reopen the closed   off door.
-Move repair area to current storage room. Cut opening in dividing wall with counter   top 
-Current repair area becomes service entrance with product displays related to service   items and a quick repair station.

Open "Map" wall for better flow and sight line

Reposition glass display in front of "Map" wall

-This will create flow from service area to sales area

Convert attic to studio apartment 

-add entrance wall/roofline and outdoor stairwair
-close off old attic stairwell to allow access to full attic space
-Becomes rental condo for income

Rental bike stations along the Mountain Goat Trail

-Rental customers can download lock app and pick up rentals at the station

-Reservations and payments can be made online

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