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Service Rates

We have a full service repair shop with over 30 years combined experience, and look forward to servicing your bike! We offer speedy turn around and Drop off/Pick up service in Tullahoma.                       DROP OFF/PICK UP REQUEST

Safety Tune
The Tune Up

We adjust the gears and brakes, lube the chain and tighten all bolts and clean it up.  Your bike will be ready to roll. Parts not included


Tune up
The Major Tune

We do all of the above, clean the frame and drivetrain,adjust all bearings.                             


The Overhaul

We strip the bike down to the frame, clean all parts, and rebuild your bike with new cables, bearings if needed, and bar tape or grips.      Parts not included


Wheel Building    $80.00 per wheel

Wheel True           $10.00

Dish and Round    $30.00

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